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HISTORY 1980 - 1990

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Garage in Kerry, near Newtown.

Located in Kerry, near Newtown, we offer MOT testing for classes 4, 5L & 7; servicing and repairs on retail, trade and commercial vehicles. Our high vaulted garage enables us to MOT motor homes and carry out inspections and repairs on large vehicles.

A History of Tanat Valley Coaches & Motors - a family business.

1984 & 85 the government deregulated tours and excursions, then the public service routes. Prior to this regulations had prevented independent companies like Tanat Valley from running tours and excursions on a speculative basis. The firm would need to hold a licence for the route intended. Historically Elvin did hold two licenses one from the Briw to Colwyn Bay and another from Bwlchyddar to New Brighton both virtually useless by 1985. Companies tried all sort of ways to get around this problem, one was by the setting up of travel clubs and then classifying the trip as a private hire. If an operator decided to make an application to the Traffic Commissioner and another company brought up an objection such as they were running a similar tour then the application would fail. The result was nobody did.

A similar situation existed in local bus services. Since the 1930 Traffic Act it was virtually impossible for independent companies to start services which were of any value. The large National Bus Companies had the whole industry neatly buttoned up. They would have staff dedicated to watching out for any applications coming through in order for them to be blocked. Elvin still had his registrations for the back lanes which were good services in the 1930s, but by the 1980s they had been withdrawn.

The 1986 Traffic Act opened wonderful new opportunities for Tanat Valley which the firm was able to capitalize.

With these opportunities the 1980s witnessed great growth within the business. But again the world outside of the Tanat valley started to have a detrimental effect of the developing business. Inflation was rampant, interest rates were reaching unprecedented heights and soon the family found the business was heading into very difficult financial waters. At the turn of the decade difficult decisions had to be taken, the Austin Rover franchise was surrendered, the stock of cars was auctioned off, and several staff made redundant. A change of accountants and the rapid introduction of computerized accounting helped to save the now ailing business.

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