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How to Book


Simply give us a call in our bookings office 


Send us an email with any questions or enquiries:


Book online using our secure payment system

How to Book

Simply contact us at our office in Llanrhaeadr YM or go into one of our agents – contact details are on the back cover.


All day trips must be paid for on booking, in full and will be deemed to be provisional until full payment is received. A deposit must be received for holiday bookings before it becomes a firm booking.

Pick-Up Location and Information

Our day trips pick up in Newtown, Welshpool and Oswestry and points between. We also pick up in the Tanat and Cain Valleys and surrounding area on towards Morda. Depending on the route of a specific trip we may pick up in Chirk, Gobowen, St Martins, Ellesmere, Wrexham or Shrewsbury – please enquire.

Times and routes will vary depending on where people book. Please ask about your preferred pick-up point and we will do our best to accommodate you. We will use a feeder coach, mini-bus or taxi wherever appropriate to cut down on the length of your journey.

Holiday Booking

 A booking can be confirmed only on receipt of a minimum deposit of £40 per person (or amount specified). Full payment for a tour must be made at least six weeks prior to departure, or earlier in certain cases. Please call us if you have any questions.

Excursions and Entrance Fees

We reserve the right to cancel any optional excursions due to low numbers. With regard to regulations
governing driving hours it may be necessary to alter the order of the excursions. Optional excursion prices are subject to alteration if costs are changed. Excursions as outlined in the itineraries are included in the price of the tour. Unless stated otherwise, entrance fees etc. are not included in the prices quoted.

Single Occupancy

Please note that most hotels and ferry companies levy a supplement for single occupancy which we have to pass on to the customer.


Your attention is drawn to the limited luggage space and we suggest one large suitcase between two people, or two small suitcases. Our driver and porters have to lift luggage by hand. Therefore a maximum weight of 18 Kg per case will be allowed. You must attach issued luggage labels to all items. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that luggage is loaded onto all coaches. All baggage and personal items are carried at the owners’ risk. Never leave luggage unattended. The return of any luggage left behind on the coach will be charged at cost.

Cancellations and Changes

Tour arrangements are made many months in advance. Sometimes changes are unavoidable and we reserve the right to cancel, or alter any holiday tour without notice, but undertake to give you, the customer, a minimum of 21 days notice in the event of cancellation, and a full refund. If we have to make any significant change to your holiday we will inform you of the change.

Should you, the customer, wish to cancel your booking we must receive notification in writing and the charges listed here will apply, effective from the date we receive notice.

Notice Period -Prior to 42 days (working)

Deposit only

Notice Period -Within 8 - 42 days (working)

30% of tour price (or deposit if greater)

Notice Period - Within 4 - 27 days (working)

45% of tour price

Notice Period -Within 7 - 13 days (working)

60% of tour price

Notice Period -Departure - 6 days

100% of tour price

If the reason for cancellation is covered by your travel insurance you may be entitled to reclaim these charges. If your holiday is cancelled by us and you have taken out insurance, you must apply to the underwriter for a refund of travel insurance premium, although an administration fee may be deducted from the amount paid.

Tanat Valley Coaches reserves the right to cancel, or alter any excursion without notice, and is not liable for any loss or inconvenience arising therefrom, although passengers will receive a full refund.

Please refer also to the General Booking Conditions

Day Trip Booking

Bookings can be made by telephone. Once full payment has been received your booking will be considered firm and a seat allocated. If a customer requests a seat in the first three rows of the coach (seats 1-12) then payment is required at the time of booking. If a booking is made for a day trip more than 8 weeks prior to departure, a deposit of £10 must be made, per booking, per trip. The balance is then due 6 weeks prior to departure. If the trip includes a ticket, then the cost of the ticket(s) must be paid at the time of booking.

Pick Up Times

Passengers will be advised of times for a day trip by telephone approximately three days prior to departure.

Entrance Fees

Unless stated otherwise, entrance fees etc. are not included in the prices quoted.

Theatre Ticket Allocation

We have no direct control over theatre ticket allocation. Theatre seating cannot be pre-selected or guaranteed. Therefore on occasions ticket allocation may require parties to be split in the theatre.

Children (Aged 3 and under)

1 child aged 3 or under (per coach) can travel free but are not guaranteed a seat. This will apply on a first come first served basis and age must be declared at time of booking. All other bookings for children aged 3 and under will be charged at the child rate and a seat is guaranteed.

Children (Aged 4-15)

Child fares apply for children aged four and over, but under 16, though this may vary in accordance with entry charges.

Group Bookings

If you want to organise a group of 10 to 49 passengers you benefit from our special conditions. Group bookings of 10+ will be eligible for a free place (coach travel only/does not include any extra costs) provided the booking is paid in full by the organiser. All groups must have one group-leader who is responsible for the entire party.

Cancellations and Changes

If you have to cancel your reservation on a day trip we reserve the right to make a cancellation charge to cover our losses, although we always try to avoid doing so. If there is an entrance/ticket fee involved we may retain these costs if we have already purchased them or the booking is confirmed with the venue. If on any trip we can re-sell the seat we will be happy to make a refund (less £2 admin charge).

Notice Period -Prior to 14 days (working)

A full refund (excluding tickets/costs)

Notice Period -Within 3 - 14 days (working)

Full refund in the form of a credit note
(excluding tickets/costs less £2 admin charge)

Notice Period - Within 48 hrs

100% of the trip price


We do endeavour to use a full size coach on all our day trips, however we do reserve the right to use a 29 seater mini-coach – when booking numbers are low – to avoid cancelling a trip.

Notification of Boarding Times

You will be informed of your pick up time by telephone approximately 5 days prior to the departure of the excursion. If you have not received your pick up time within 3 days of departure, please contact our Booking Office on 01691 780908.

General Booking Conditions

Return Journeys

We will usually give you an estimated return time but they can vary owing to weather, traffic, etc. If you are arranging for someone to meet you we suggest you ask the driver at the last break stop and telephone ahead.

Seat Requests

Whereas we will make every effort to reserve any particular seat on the coach, we offer no guarantee that the passenger has the seat in question on the day of departure. We use a standard seating plan for all bookings, but coaches vary in design and we therefore reserve the right to alter the seats requested if necessary.

Allocations are made on a first come, first served basis so you are recommended to book early.


If you have any type of disability you would like us to take into consideration, then please make us aware of it at the time of booking so that we can consider and discuss any reasonable adjustments to accommodate you. We must take seating requests on a first come first served basis but we will always try to give priority to disabled customers where possible.

Passenger Behaviour

We politely remind you, the customer, that you are responsible for your behaviour. The coach driver or ship’s captain (where applicable) has the right to refuse boarding if you are unacceptably under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are violent, abusive or disruptive, or are behaving in a way which could cause injury to others, damage to property, or affect others’ enjoyment of the trip. Refusal of boarding on the outward journey will be regarded as a cancellation on your part, resulting in cancellation charges if applicable. Should refusal occur during the tour or on the return journey we reserve the right to terminate your contract with us, and will have no further obligations or liability to you.


Under the Littering From Vehicles Outside London (Keepers: Civil Penalties) Regulations 2018, which recently came into force, registered keepers of vehicles can be liable, for littering on roads and land and subject to a fixed penalty notice of up to £150. If this is as a result of passenger littering, then this fine will be passed onto the relevant passenger(s).

Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking

Tanat Valley Coaches’ conditions of carriage require that no person may be permitted to drink alcoholic
beverages at any time aboard the coach unless served by a member of staff. Failure to comply with this may result in the customer’s holiday being terminated under the same conditions stated in the section “Passenger Behaviour”. Alcohol illness within the vehicle will result in a minimum charge of £30 payable to the driver on the day.

Please note that in accordance with the law we operate a strict no smoking policy on all our vehicles.


If you have a problem during your trip please tell the driver at the time giving him/her the opportunity to rectify the situation if possible. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then please contact the office at the earliest opportunity.

Data Protection Act

In order to process your booking and travel arrangements we need to have your contact details. We keep this
information on our Tour Database. We undertake never to pass this information on to any person or organisation other than those directly responsible for part of your travel arrangements.

You are entitled to a copy of the information held by us and if you would like to see this, please contact us.

Brochure & Website

The information contained within our brochure was accurate at the time of going to press. However, we would point out that our Company cannot be held responsible for changes made by other agents, which may affect the tour itinerary. At certain times of the year, some advertised facilities, attractions and services may not be available.

The information contained within our brochure was accurate at the time of going to press. However, we would point out that our Company cannot be held responsible for changes made by other agents, which may affect the tour itinerary. At certain times of the year, some advertised facilities, attractions and services may not be available.